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Personnel Tracking

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About us

MotoTrack Pvt. Ltd. is the sister concern of V-Tracking Pvt. Ltd. MotoTrack’s primary focus to help everyday Pakistani’s secure their asset and in doing so reduce motorcycle related crime in Pakistan. With the collaboration of the ACLC and Govt. Agencies MotoTrack is poised to make a difference in the country not only turn a profit like some others in the tracking industry. MotoTrack aims to provide security as a phase 1 plan then provide work as a phase 2 plan. MotoTrack Motorcycle / Rickshaw Tracking Systems is priced and designed for the Pakistani majority. MotoTrack system can be placed on all small sized vehicles, then synced to our mobile applications available on IOS & Android. MotoTrack tracking systems features are the same as car tracking systems, except they go one step further. Our customers are able to control their engines via SMS and our price of product is significantly less than car trackers. In 2017 MotoTrack partnered with Crown Lifan Group, Pakistan’s largest motorcycle parts provider. With over 32,000 FIT shops in Pakistan, MotoTrack aims to make its Tracker available at all FIT storefronts inclusive of installation.


Very Humbled by the confidence bestowed upon us by the ACLC and Police.

When MotoTrack approached the police /ACLC with this theft deterrent we were faced with real concerns of other “tracker companies” whom had lost their confidence due to lack of support, mismanagement and the sole interest in just turning a profit.

MotoTrack assured them that our goals were in line with theirs and that our product, its price and our support was designed for the average Pakistani for the betterment of Pakistan.

MotoTrack immediately gained their confidence through innovative integration, performance of equipment and support. MotoTrack intends to gain the confidence of Pakistan by not just talking, assuming and naming ourselves “tracker experts” but by statistically proving the drastic reduction of snatching, stolen motorcycle related crime, and business inefficiency holding back our country.

MotoTrack hopes to open the door to an untapped industry where we welcome healthy competition. All we ask is for our competition to be tested vigorously, by ACLC / Police to ensure performance standards all of which for an affordable price easily payable by the common motorcycle purchaser.

With the help and support of the Pakistani people and companies operating within Pakistan MotoTrack hopes to turn a new chapter in OUR country’s advancement.

Our History and Future


Partnership with Crown Lifan Group 2017

Partnership with Crown Lifan Group 2017, Mototrack Crown Lifan Group

MotoTrack Pvt. Ltd.

MotoTrack Pvt. Ltd. Launches Motorcycle Tracking & Opens Store in Akbar Market.

First Recovery

First Recovery & Arrest.

Monitoring Station at ACLC

Monitoring Station at ACLC HQ Established.

Motorcycle tracker tested

by Atlas Honda & passed 30,000 Km endurance test.

DHL Courier Company

DHL Courier Company Installed Devices in Fleet


Secure & Monitor your Motorcycles today !!

Increase Business Efficiency

Reduce Rs.27,000 Loss Due to Inefficiency Per Motorcycle Employee per Year !!  CLICK HERE

Employee Efficiency

Check Employee Live Locations, Routes & Distance Traveled, Petrol Consumption and Attendance.

Tracking Unit

Online Portal access available with any purchased Tracking Unit. Online Portal access available with any purchased Tracking Unit.

Online Portal

VITS 2.0 Online Portal is an everyday solution from which our customers can monitor 1 – 1000 Motorcycles live on one screen.


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Happy clients


Team workers


Years in market

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce crime, terrorism and business inefficiency within Pakistan through the use of technology.


MotoTrack’s vision is in line with every Pakistani’s vision and that is to strive for a better country. Our vision is simple and that is to invest & supply Pakistan with our . . . .

The Most Inexpensive & Most Efficient Tracking Device & Services in Pakistan


Total Rs. 4500

1 Year
  • Service & Installation
  • 12 Months Service Package Rs. 4500

Help Us Secure Your Motorcycle & Rickshaw