• In contract validity: Contract agreement is valid for one year start from signing day and committed period starts counting from 06­Sept­2016 until  06­Sept­2017.
  • ­ Support will be  provide only at designated offices of Moto Track
  • ­ Prices does not include Taxes.
  •  MotoTrack is not responsible for non­reporting of vehicle in non­GSM area.
  • ­ MotoTrack does not provide 24×7 repair services.­
  • Mototrack will assist in but is not responsible for Motorcycle / Rickshaw recovery.
  • ­ Buyer will not relate Payments with any other issues raised due to financial or technical matters.
  • ­ The Client / User will be briefed and provided training to monitor their Motorcycle / Rickshaw from their Cell/ Smart Phones / computer.
  • ­ In case of theft/ snatching bid the client/ user will immobilize the motorcycle / rickshaw by sending appropriate command to the Motorcycles / Rickshaws tracking device as per given briefing and will initiate the recovery with the help of the law enforcement agency of the concerned area, and not in any case will attempt to recover without the help of law enforcement agency
  • ­ The upkeep & maintenance of Motorcycle / Rickshaw and its battery is the responsibility of the Client / User, the battery shall always be fully charged for excellent service of the equipment and related services or in case of inadequate usage of motorcycle(s) a charger accessory (not included) can be used to maintain healthy battery life of installed tracking device.
  • 88/n PECHS block 2 karachi Pakistan
  • 5-15 days
  • warranty based returns under one year warranty, cancellation of order within 1 hour of order placing.
  • No Refund after purchase
  • No customer data shall be sold to a third party unaccosiated with Mototrack without customer consent.
  • PKR
  • Customer information will be stored in Mototrack Database.

Standard Delivery times of Goods and Services

Tracker products are available for immediate purchase from all FIT shops.

Return/Exchange of Goods and Services Cancellation of Orders

No refund policy. Only warranty can be claimed at any FIT shop or MotoTrack warranty claim centers.

Refunds and Refund Policies

No refund policy. Only warranty can be claimed at any FIT shop or MotoTrack warranty claim centers.

Warranty Service of Equipment

  1. The Seller offers 12 (twelve) months’ warranty service period for the equipment produced/sold at the Buyer’s order.
  2. The Buyer, having noticed technical, functional, software malfunctions of the equipment, shall inform the Seller or its responsible employees by e­mail, by fax or in writing indicating the character of malfunction or failure or the functions not performed.
  3. The Seller shall repair remove the fault once Motorcycle / Rickshaw is brought to sellers Office / display Centre.
  4. It shall not be considered a warranty service of equipment, and the Seller is not under obligation to provide with warranty service equipment manufactured and sold, and the Buyer is not entitled to request that, when:
    1. The equipment and installation has been attended by a un­ authorized technician.
    2. The equipment is used not in accordance with directives, or when failures or malfunctions have been caused by non­compliance with the operation, maintenance and/or storage instructions and rules;
    3. Functional operation of the equipment failed or was disrupted due to mechanical, chemical, thermal or physical impacts;
    4. The equipment was disassembled, its wirings were replaced, or the equipment was otherwise altered not by the Seller, was repaired by the Buyer or by third parties;
    5. Functional operation of the equipment failed or was disrupted due to incorrect connection to a power supply source, or connection to a wrong power supply source, or to a power supply source of unsuitable voltage or dead battery.
    6. Software applications developed and installed into the equipment by the Seller were erased, reprogrammed, copied, infected with computer virus;
  5. The Seller refuses to provide warranty services in the events listed in Clause 4 of these rules and is entitled to offer elimination of failures or functional disruptions of equipment based on non­warranty and post­warranty service conditions.
  6. The Seller’s personnel, having determined during servicing that failure or functional disruption of the equipment cannot be considered a subject of warranty service under conditions of these rules, prior to elimination of the failure shall inform the Buyer’s representative about the failure found and shall specify why the failure is not a subject of warranty service.
  7.  The Seller, having received the notice about equipment failure, is entitled to refuse warranty servicing of the equipment, until the Buyer agree to make payments for repair / elimination of fault.
  8. The Buyer failed to comply with the confidentiality obligations.
  9. The products are delivered for warranty service at the Buyer’s expense to the addresses at Karachi / Lahore / Multan / Hyderabad / Islamabad offices

Non­-Warranty Products

  1.  In all events, when the warranty period of equipment has expired, or when equipment during the warranty period was damaged unintentionally through third parties or the Buyer’s fault, or by wilful actions of the same persons, the Seller renders non­warranty and post­warranty repair services at the Buyer’s request, payable in accordance with the rates set by the Seller.
  2. The characteristics for determining of non­warranty service shall be established by the Seller.
  3. The Buyer shall pay for the services rendered and expenses incurred before collecting the Bike.
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